Energy therapy

energy reading and quantum healing

Energy therapy

energy reading and quantum healing

Living from your heart connection. 

Free to be fully yourself, freed from energetic disruptions in your system

Welcome! My name is Willem van Eekelen, specialist in the field of energy therapy. I like to guide you to the freedom to be yourself completely. Everything that makes us feel unhappy is caused by contraction in our energy field. Through an energy reading I will search for the underlying cause together with you and with a quantum healing we set the energy in motion so that the natural order is restored.

What are you up against?

Perhaps you have had unpleasant experiences in your life. Or you keep running into insecurity, fatigue or the feeling of not being able to be yourself completely. Maybe you suffer from anxiety or gloominess or you think "Is this it?" and life gives you little satisfaction.

Or you just don't feel happy and you have no idea why.

You've tried all kinds of things, but nothing really seems to help. 

You are looking for sovereignty, independence, satisfying contacts with people and activities that make you happy.

Joy of life!

With love during a session I look at what is going on with you and what seems to make you unfree. I like to listen to you, but especially to what your energy system has to say. Insight into what moves you can only be gained when we 'look' at the deepest level.

Deep down we are energy and consciousness and our complaints arise from contortions in our energy field. These, in turn, are caused by all sorts of ideas and concepts, experiences, convictions, belief systems and expectations. By focusing our consciousness on these we gain insight and healing can take place. Then the contortions can relax.

And you become free again!

Energetische therapie - Willem

Energy therapy brings you:

  • insight into what seems to be standing in your way of being completely free
  • the feeling of feeling good about yourself againrelease of old blocking beliefs
  • inner peace, relaxation and (self) confidence

  • growth in consciousness

Energy therapy works in all layers of your being and in all areas of your life.

It works!

Thoughts and feelings that limit me are transformed, giving me so much more space in my life. I still can't quite grasp what is happening. I only notice that it works!

Margreet, Utrecht

The knowledge and range Willem can access is exceptionally unique, sincere, authentic and incredible!

Logo praktijk voor energietherapie
Sanaya, Zürich
Eczema disappears

I am still impressed with last week's session! Since then, the eczema has started to visibly go away.

Lianne, Amsterdam

What does a session look like

A session is roughly composed of two parts: an energy reading and a quantum healing. 

Besides healing techniques I also like to use other techniques during my treatments such as visualizations, inner child work and systemic work.

Energy reading

During a session, I like to listen to what you and your energy system have to say about the aspects of your life where things are not flowing.

Looking for the root

Together we look at what is going on at a deeper level and I like to look for the root of the theme. I describe what I see and sense. This creates clarity and awareness of what stands in the way of your growth and progress. Like fixed emotions, conditioning, blocking beliefs and old concepts.

In essence, all our complaints are caused by distortions or contraction in our energy system. These can have many causes: experiences from this life, experiences from past lives, what you received through the DNA of your parents and what you are taught during your upbringing. And then we are also under the influence of all kinds of collective energy systems. We usually cannot get a grip on these disruptions with our minds. They are like a scratch in an old gramophone record. They create the same experiences over and over again.

When we have clarity on what is really going on, we invite the blocking energy to move through quantum healing. 


Quantum healing

Quantum physicists discovered that everything is made up of energy, but there is something else that precedes it. This is called Pure Consciousness. You can also say God or Allah, The Source, All That Is, the Void or any of those other terms that have been coined for it. It is that from which all energy (forms) arise out of and into. Quantum healing works from this Pure Consciousness. From there we ask your energy system to release or transform the disturbances.

The engine behind all of this is intention. This intention is what we use to create everything, although we do this largely unconsciously. The power with which we create the pleasant and unpleasant things in our lives we also use to release the disruptions in our system.

The expressed intentions set the energies in motion and the energy system goes in search of its natural order. 


In a few weeks, I feel a lot better and things have actually transformed.

Anneke, Den Haag

I feel a definite change in my daily life. Your work is magical, honest, loving and profound!

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Margarita, Nijmegen

Willem’s sensitive, understanding and compassionate nature make his practice the safest space I have had the chance to encounter in all my years of need for integrative therapy.

Hugo, Zürich (CH)

What makes my approach any different?

The unique combination of reading the energy on multiple levels with the power of healing from Pure Consciousness.

By using my highly developed sensitivity and intuition, the core of your theme is touched, allowing the root to be addressed.

The self-healing capacity and the great field of which we are a part are invited to restore the natural order.

Therapy session live

Live session in Centre Europaplein in Amsterdam.
75 minutes €110,00
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Energetische therapie - sessie online

Therapy session online

Session online throughZoom.

75 minutes €95,00
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Different rates apply for entrepreneurs and businesses. Let me inform you.
Geef je proces een boost
€ 330,00 / €285,00
€ 300,00 / €255,00

Boost your growth

Lift the burdons from your shoulders and boost your personal growth by purchasing a three-session card. In three sessions a lot of blocking energies can be transformed or freed out of your energy system.

The card remains valid for six months.

For three live sessions you pay only €300.00. For three sessions online only €255.00

Yes, I want that

Free introductory meeting

Choosing to have an energy therapy session is not something you do lightly. I understand that very well. That is why I offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with me during a free 20 minute online introductory meeting. During that conversation there is room for your questions, I will briefly explain how I work  and we can see if there is something I can do for you.

You can book an introductory meeting in the calendar at the bottom of this page (in Dutch I'm sorry )

Make an appointment

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15+ years of experience

I gave my first energetic treatment in 2006 after completing my training in energy reading and transformational healing. After that I was lucky to be able to give many sessions and to 'work' on the most diverse themes.

Wide knowledge

Because of my interest in energy work and how we humans are put together, I have followed many training courses. And most of all I have been able to apply a lot of knowledge and experience in practice.